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Why choose LEDs?

Reduced Energy Bills

Moving your business lighting to LED fittings will help reduce your Energy Bills by up to 80%.
Once the LEDs are fitted, there is minimal maintenance required in the future, which in turn means minimal replacement costs for you.


Switching to LEDs means your energy output will be significantly less. This will dramatically decrease your Carbon Footprint when installed across your entire business. Unlike Halogen or regular Bulbs, the wasted heat and reduced light pollution of LEDs is significantly smaller. In fact, Halogen bulbs are only 30% efficient with 70% of the energy used to power it given off in the form of heat, compared to LEDs where 80% of electricity used is given off as light energy!
Whats more, LEDs boast Zero Mercury, Zero UV and no IR Radiation.

Based on an average electricity cost of £0.15 per kWh and usage of 6 hours per day: Monthly Running Costs Halogen: £10.08 Monthly Running Costs LED: £0.93

Your Safety is Paramount

All our LEDs are Glass free making it nearly impossible for a bulb to cut or injure somebody, and increasing overall health and safety at the same time. This also provides a greatly reduced fire hazard due to the lack of exposed Bulb Filements and heat, making your building a safer place to be in.
For catering or similar, our LED Bulbs are Hygenic and Food safe meaning you can rest assured in using them anywhere you need to.

Fitting & Build Design

We ensure our LEDs are Retro-Compatible, so we are able to swap out your current lighting installtion with minimal fuss and cost.
On top of everything else, LED's look great! They are very aesthically pleasing, light, durable, and temperature optimised - making them a great choice to subtly enhance and modernise your building.

The Benefits of LEDs

  • Energy Savings of upto 80%.
  • Zero Maintenance.
  • 50,000hr+ Lifespan.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint.
  • 5 Year Product Replacement Warranty.

Improve Cash Flow – financing the cost of lamps and installation over up to 5 years.

Key Environments

Retail Offices Public Spaces Warehouses Production Lines
Car Parks Homes Arena Stadiums Agricultural

M&E Contrax offer quick installation turn-around, repair & maintenance services, as well as 24 hour support.

LED Case Studies

Mr Mathews / Torquay

Mr Mathews approached us with a view to reducing his energy consumption in his 2 bedroom terraced house. Mr Mathews was also looking for an alternative solution to CLF (Compact Lighting Fluorescents) as he has bad eyesight and the flicker of the fluorescent bulbs causes him headaches when reading.

Reducing his Costs

A straight swap to LED Pendant and GU10 bulbs into his existing fittings was the perfect solution. Not only do the LED’s have no flicker (solving the cause of the headaches) and are instantly at full power, unlike standard low energy bulbs, they reduced his lighting energy consumption by up to 75% and he had received a payback on the installation within the year.
The LED’s installed have a life span of over 50,000 hrs and are more than 10 times that of standard bulb and come with a 5-year failure replacement warranty.
Testimonial David from M&E Contrax was very understanding and attentive to my problems and I was always able to contact him during the light bulb changes and I am amazed at the savings on my electric bills already. I have recommended him to some of my friends and family. Mr Mathews / Torquay


Current Lighting Electricity Used (per year)

£ 179.36

LED Cost Of Lighting Electricity (per year)

£ 41.85

Total Savings Per Year

£ 137.51

Payback (Including Fitting)


Hairdressing and Beauty Salon / London

Looking to reduce their annual energy bills and maintenance spend, we were asked to replace an existing installation with a more efficient, cost saving product with timescales and disruption to the working environment were to be kept to a minimum.
Their typical energy spend was increasing year on year due to the rise in supply charges and with the existing spot-lamps failing regularly due to their short lifespan, the cost and time spent to replacing these lamps was significant.

Reducing his Costs

By installing equivalent LED’s, which retrofitted into the existing electrical system, we caused no interference to the workplace and environment by ensuring it was installed quickly and out of hours when they were closed. Their lighting energy was reduced by 80% as the LED’s draw less electricity while still providing the same light output.
Their maintenance costs and time spent organising this had also been radically reduced with the LED lamps having a life span of over 50,000 hrs - over 10 times that of the previous spot-lamp plus a 5-year failure replacement warranty giving them piece of mind on their investment.
Testimonial M&E Contrax were quick and efficient during all aspects of the job from the initial enquiry I made to them right through to the execution. Due to the operational hours of my salon and look, it was essential they carried out the works over one night to ensure minimum disruption which they did and left it as clean as they found it. I would have no hesitation recommending them and using them for future works. Darren Chidlow / Salon Manager


Current Lighting Electricity Used (per year): £ 1,014.00

LED Cost Of Lighting Electricity (per year): £ 121,68

Total Savings Per Year: £ 892.32

Payback (Including Fitting): 0.71yrs

Steel Work Manufacturer / Manchester

The company tasked us to provide them with a new longer lasting lighting solution after they were currently having to carry out a full re-lamp of their premises every 2-3 years in production and communal areas due to the minimum required lux levels becoming too low to work in under the Health and Safety guidelines. This was because they were operational 350 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Reducing his Costs

By installing equivalent LED’s, a low disruption retro-fit product, that last for over 50,000 hours per unit, we have greatly reduced the frequency of re-lamping by more than 3 times that of the current installation. The LED’s also come with a 5 year failure replacement warranty.
As an added bonus the energy consumption has been dramatically reduced, saving them over £50,000 per year on their lighting costs compared to the old installation. The LED lighting at these premises will pay for itself in 1.5 years.
Testimonial I would have no problem recommending M&E Contrax to anyone that needs a one stop energy saving company. They were quick to understand what we were trying to achieve here and came up with several options for us to consider before we undertook this work. For a large company they offered a very personal service with David and engineers always being on the end of the phone and easy to get hold of for any of my questions. Stephen Carson / Facilities Manager


Current Lighting Electricity Used (per year): £ 69,975.36

LED Cost Of Lighting Electricity (per year): £ 22,353,24

Total Savings Per Year: £ 50,292.12

Payback (Including Fitting): 1.57yrs

Call Centre Office Block / Leeds

The company tasked us to improve the light levels in the offices as their staff were complaining of it being too dark but without the need for a redesign and additional light fittings being installed. This would be too costly.


By installing high LUX LED panels we were able to improve the light levels in the office with a straight one for one replacement solution. This allowed us to install the panels over one night per floor completing all 4 over two weekends minimising disruption. They have a life span of over 50,000 hours per unit, and the LED panels also come with a 5 year failure replacement warranty.
At the same time we have also reduced their energy consumption by 50% improving their energy bills in the process. Their MD was extremely pleased.
Testimonial I had M&E Contrax recommended to me by a manager at another company after I was complaining about the lack of service and information I was receiving from our existing electrical company so I gave them a call and I never looked back. They gave me a hassle free process which meant I was able to oversee from a distance while carrying out my other daily tasks without having to worry. Cannot recommend them highly enough for what they have done for me. Katie Yeoman / Facilities Manager


Current Lighting Electricity Used (per year): £ 8,849.30

LED Cost Of Lighting Electricity (per year): £ 4,424,65

Total Savings Per Year: £ 4,424.65

Payback (Including Fitting): 3.65yrs

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