With another year gone by our annual NICEIC inspection was another success.

Why use an NICEIC approved company to carry out your electrical work

The NICEIC has been assessing the technical competence of electricians for over the past 50 years.  Their aim is to protect everyone who uses electricity from unsafe electrical installations in their homes, places of work and anywhere where you may use it.  To achieve this they maintain a register of qualified and competent electricians for which M&E Contrax is one of them.

They look at samples of the contractor's work as well as all documentation, equipment and the competence of their supervisory staff.  Once a contractors become registered with the NICEIC they are re-assessed on a regular basis to ensure high standards are kept. 

Enrollment with NICEIC is voluntary but all electrical contractors who are competent and conscientious about the service they offer their customers will consider it a priority to enroll.  M&E Contrax are registered by the NICEIC covering the whole of the UK meaning that you're sure to be in safe hands whenever we undertake your projects large or small.

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